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Hello.  My name is Cary Perkins and I’m the owner of
Bluegrass Consulting Forestry located in Shelbyville, Kentucky.



Let me offer you some FREE forestry assistance.  Yes, you read that right.  Read on!

I have over 47 years of experience as a professional forester working in Kentucky.  I am also a graduate wildlife biologist. For 21 of those 47 years, I served as Chief of Forest Management for the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Division of Forestry in the state office in Frankfort.  After my retirement from the Division of Forestry in 2002, I became the owner and operator of Bluegrass Consulting Forestry in Shelbyville.

So how can I -- or why would I -- offer you FREE assistance?

The answer is actually quite simple.  In 2014, for reasons of physical condition and -- shall we say the tiredness that creeps in with age -- I chose to retire to pursue full time my lifelong hobbies of hunting and fishing. 

But then on the other hand, I have accumulated all of this forestry knowledge and countless contacts over the years.  It’s nice to still be able to use those things to “give back” and to help people.  I also like the idea of maintaining this web site even though I am not actively pursuing field work in order to maintain some sort of continued presence in the forestry profession.  And giving FREE forestry advice is what I did for over 30 years with the Division of Forestry.   

So --- if I can offer you free advice/counseling from the comfort of my office chair, I will be happy to do so.  Give me a call or shoot me an email. 

By virtue of my over 47 years of forestry experience and my credentials, as detailed in the second web site tab, I know everybody.  And I am able to act as a “clearinghouse” to help you get the assistance you need.  I am also a retired member of the Kentucky Association of Consulting Foresters.  Even though I am retired, I can make recommendations on who you should contact.  Remember -- I know everybody!

I have not changed most of the information listed on my web site since retiring.  I continue to leave it here for informational purposes and also as an example of what a consulting forester is able to provide.  The fees listed are what I was charging when I retired.  Each consultant has his own fee schedule which may or may not be close to what I have posted.

Also -- be sure to check out the “Helpful Landowner Forestry Information” tab on this web site.  Under it I have included my informational essays which include:  Why A Landowner Needs a Consulting Forester to Help Sell Timber,” “Lump Sum vs Share Timber Sales,” “Timber Prices,” “What to Expect in a Timber Harvest,” and one last one entitled, “Harvesting Your Own Timber.”  You won’t find this information in any one place anywhere else!

Depending on proximity to my home in Shelbyville, it is possible I would do a small amount of actual field work for a fee depending on what it is -- but don’t count on it.  Remember, I’m retired.  I’m not looking for work.



Bluegrass Consulting Forestry
3123 Bluegrass Drive
Shelbyville, Kentucky  40065
Phone: 502-633-7399
Cell Phone: 502-552-8176

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