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As a graduate wildlife biologist as well as an avid deer and turkey hunter, I currently serve as an advisor to Merk Farms Hunting ( Merk Farms Hunting, owned by Stephen Ruckman in Louisville, works as a clearinghouse to bring landowners who are looking for extra return on their land together with hunters looking for a place to hunt.  Merk Farms Hunting provides insurance as part of the lease price. 

Hunting leases are a win-win for both parties.  Many landowners would like to lease their land but don't know how to go about it or how to find responsible lessees, much less what to charge or what kind of paperwork they need to protect themselves.  Many landowners also have a problem with people trespassing and hunting on their property without their knowledge.  Another advantage landowners incur by leasing their land is the lessees will post and patrol the property to protect the interests they have paid for in their lease.

In recent years, the hunting lease market in our area has boomed. There are a multitude of hunters looking for a high quality place to hunt and they are willing to pay for the privilege.  Kentucky has consistently been in the top five of Boone and Crockett class bucks harvested over the past several years. A large segment of hunters who lease land are from out-of-state.  The opportunity to hunt high quality game habitat where they have exclusive control is a very attractive option to many people. 

If you have land that you may be interested in leasing, or if you are a hunter interested in leasing land for yourself and/or your family and friends to hunt, contact Merk Farms Hunting via their web site.   Currently Merk Farms Hunting is leasing property in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. 


Stephen Ruckman
Merk Farms Hunting




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